We are an independent provider of external capacities and related services.

We entered the market in 2005, and since then we have been successful in bringing together professionals and clients across disciplines. Every month we find full-time work for more than 40 candidates with our clients.

Thanks to an extensive database of suitable candidates and a sophisticated system we have more than 90% success rate in delivery to the client. Our orders are managed by an extensive team of specialized experts.

In 2019 we achieved 1 billion turnover. We grew up in IT, where we are number one. Our branches can be found in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia.

Top agency for IT professions

The trend of ongoing computerization and integration of IT systems across all industries has made the IT profession one of the most demanded on the market, while also making it the least available. The current situation in the IT market is that demand far exceeds supply and getting to quality IT professionals quickly is a problem.

We are looking for suitable and verified IT capacities for our clients. Thanks to our extensive database of more than 300,000 experts, we can quickly achieve results. You can manage your projects without problems, well and on time. The result is satisfaction on both sides and that is the most important for us.

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If you are looking for proven and reliable capacity for your company, we will be happy to help you. We will find employees according to your specific requirements and across disciplines. We pride ourselves on speed of delivery and flexibility of cooperation. A team of industry professionals will work on your request to ensure sufficient efficiency.

We use state-of-the-art search tools and multi-channel communication with professionals, including social networks. We are the largest LinkedIn customer in the Czech Republic with a number of Corporate Recruiter licenses. Working with us will give you more space and time for your projects.


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CoolPeople team in Usti nad Labem moved to new office

CoolPeople delivery center in Usti nad Labem moved to new bigger office.


CoolPeople HQ in Slovakia moved to new office

CoolPeople in Slovakia moved to new bigger office in Bratislava.


CoolPeople team in Brno moved to new office

CoolPeople Brno can be newly found on 8th floor of Rozmarýn business center.

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We pride ourselves on excellent personal relationships, individual approach and 100% professionalism.

In addition, we give the opportunity to build a personal brand. You will definitely not be bored with us. 

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